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       Suzhou Fish-seeds Bio-tech. Co., specializes in the fingerlings and food-sized fish production of high-valued species, such as yellow perch, crappie, murray cod and American shad in China.
       Suzhou Fish-seeds Co. received a national honored “High-tech Enterprise” in 2015. It is a joint venture Company established by professors and specialists from the United States, Japan and China, becoming one of few companies specialized both in R&D of breeding biotechnology, sustainable aquaculture and aquaculture engineering, producing fingerlings and high-valued fish species in China. One of great achievements included introducing American shad into China and developing the state of art technologies for aquaculture and reproduction of American shad and yellow perch. American shad has become one of the most expensive fish species in China. We started genetic selection programs for yellow perch in 2005 and developed an efficient recirculating aquaculture system, which significantly reduced stress and created friendly aquaculture environments. The fillets exported into the United States received a compliment as pasty, fresh, and without any off-flovors.
       Our R&D Center established “National Post-doctoral workstation” in 2014. Most research studies involve in fish genetic markers, genetic improvement, natural reproduction, intensive larval culture, sustainable aquaculture, water treatment, preventing off-flavors, quality control and commercial farming engineering. The R&D programs developed more than 50 domestic and international patents, and published over 20 scientific papers.
      We believe that consistent technology developments will support our sustainable aquaculture business, providing top quality products to high-end markets with safety-healthy food and friendly environments.

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Suzhou Fish-seeds Bio-tech. Co.,

specialized in the fingerling and food-sized fish production of high-valued species, such as yellow perch, crappie, murray cod and American shad. ...


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