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The system design

The air-pump circulating water aquaculture system adopted by our company is a new type of practical aquaculture system developed for circulating water aquaculture systems in recent years. It is composed of aquaculture pond, vortex sedimentation tank, disinfection tank, biological nitrification tank, aerated aeration tank and filter cloth filter tank. And the whole system is not equipped with any water pump, water circulation is through the principle of the air-lift pump, while aeration and oxygenation, water movement. This saves power costs. This system not only has all the advantages of the circulating water system, but also makes up for the shortcomings of high investment in the circulating water system.
According to China's national conditions, the introduction of an air-pump circulating water culture system with low R & D costs, simple operation, and no complicated equipment is necessary to promote intensive farming of golden bass and popularize domestic intensive aquaculture technology.
RAS key technologies:
1.Energy-saving site planning and insulation materials
2.Micro-bubble water extraction technology
3. Reasonable stocking density and scientific feeding system
4. Comprehensive utilization of circulating water activation / biological filtration / solid waste separation
5.Catch-and-rotate breeding mode
6.Standardized file system for fry and feed
7, perfect operating procedures and new breeding concepts
8.Implement HACCP management system

system design

Circulating water system

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